Griggs Direct is home to the Denver™ brand of tanks which are well established in the market as quality trailer and skid mounted tank systems, designed to make transporting water as safer and easier than ever. Fill your bowser at base and take your water supply with you saving time having to locate a water supply on site.

We at Griggs Direct are manufacturers not resellers and because of this we are able to supply either a range of tanks and power washing engines and attachments from stock or we can simply listen to your requirements and build you a product which suits your purpose exactly. We work directly with Honda and are the sole supplier to UK and Europe of the American brand General Pump® for fittings and accessories for high pressure washing applications.

Applications where Denver™ products are indispensable: Window Cleaning, Solar Panel Cleaning, High Pressure Washing, Water Transportation and much more…
Available in five colours: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Natural.

• Moulded polythene tank for strength and durability
• High performance range with petrol and diesel engine choices to fulfil your needs
• Saves time as removes need to locate a water supply out on location – fill your bowser at base and take you water with you.
• Mounted on frame for stand-alone use or can be mounted on trailer or truck
• Unique dimensions to fit most pickup trucks and vans
• Hot dip galvanised chassis for protection against corrosion, and fork pockets for ease of handling
• Internal baffles prevent water surge during transportation
• 18” manhole and sumped drain point
• Built in tie down points

Denver™ – built to last.